Sahabat Pena

Hi, my name is Cortni, (you say my name the same way that you say Courtney). I would love to be your penpal.

I am 11 years old, and I live in Australia.

I have two sisters and one brother. My mum is studying to be a teacher and my dad is a builder. We have one cat and one dog.

At school we study Indonesian language and culture. I love it. My mum is going to be an Indonesian Teacher.

I love music and art and animals. I hope you would like to be my penpal.

Thank you.

From: Cortni Thornton (Australia)

Hiya, there! My name is Isabella Lawrence, but you can call me Izzy, Bella, Lawry, or whatever you want! I’m a 5th grader just like you and I’m currently residing in Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, LA, Cali. Anyway, I’m a happy-go-lucky person and I’m the go-getter of the family. I’m also a very outgoing person and I love to laugh. I’m raised in a strict Christian family.

I’m the middle child of 3. I have a younger brother and an older sister. Their names are Nancy and Daveigh a.k.a ‘thumb-sucker’. Nancy is starting her freshmen year now. Daveigh is homeschooled. My mom is an ordinary housewife, she comes from the South. She’s an excellent cook and I love her very much. My dad has 3 ranches in 3 states. Me and my siblings usually visit his ranches during holidays. If you’re planning to visit US, you should come to my place and I’ll take you around LA and to one of my dad’s ranches. You can also stay at my place while you’re in US. I’m sure my parents would love to have you here!

In my free time, I like to write stories, play the piano, read books, go swimming, and drawing. I’m also an avid fan of skateboarding, although I can’t skate at all! I love Tony Hawk, it’s a shame that he’s already retiring. I love gospel, so I love gospel singers like Whitney Houston. I don’t have a particular favorite movie because I love all movies. I’m a movie maniac! Also, did I mention I already have a boyfriend? Tell me whether you have one already so we can share stories about boys!
I think that’s all for my first letter. Don’t forget to reply! Thanks a bunch!

From: Isabella Lawrence (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

i read your e-mail and i was shocked to read that u have the same stuff like me!
I love to sing and people say im amazing and should be a singer and because of that i carry on to sing every day so i can get better each day.
I am also tall for my age.i am 160!Just below you!I also love reading though i must say im not too keen on it…
i am very very popular in my school and also easy to get along with!We could be just like twins!I would love to be your penpal to also see if we do have very good similarities.
please reply soon.
p.s to prenounce my name properly its shy-anne

From: Chiane Strachan


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