Tedhak Siten

Tedhak  siten derived from  “tedhak” which means to set foot or steps, and “siten”  derived from “siten” meaning land. So, tedhak siten is down (into) the ground or down weak. Tedhak siten usually done in java. This tradition is for babies aged 7 months or 7 x 35 days (245 days). The procession ‘tedak siten’ begins with guiding children climbed the bastard 7 colors that have been prepared on warn dark to light. Then the child is directed to climb a ladder made from sugar cane arjuna, then the child is put into a cage of chicken that has been decorated and inside there are rings, stationery, cotton, etc., may depend with the times if this day and age can enter the goods it goods (hp, notenbook, pda or other). Then the child in order to take one of these articles, the selected item is a picture of the child’s interest and also the work that interested him later as an adult.
The procession then the spread of yellow rice mixed with a coin to the fighting, describing the procession to the abak later became a benefactor of children in its environment. Last procession of the child be bathed with flowers and wearing new clothes to wear. Objective being that the child stay healthy, bringing fragrant name for the family, have a decent life, prosperous and useful to the environment.

picture for “Tedhak Siten” :


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