Sleeping Beauty

Scene I

Narrator : One day at a kingdom, was held party birth’s Princess Aurora. Every fairy at world was invited to that party. But there was one fairy not invited. Then, that fairy came and smashed everything there.

King : “Welcome at this party.”

Queen : “Thank you on your arrival. This kingdom really will be colourful by birth Aurora.”

King : “Yes. Yes. Please fairies give blessing for Aurora.”

Fairy Lisa : “Aurora, accept blessing from me.”

Puck : “Ha ha ha ha! Why? Why do I not invite to this party? I will curse you Aurora! Go to the hell, you are stupid child! Ha ha ha ha!”

King : “Oh no! What will happen with my child?”

Fairy Lisa : “Calm King, your child really accursed. But I have lightened that curse. Your child will asleep at 17 years old. And the king, queen with other person that exists in this palace will fall asleep too. All that curse will lose if the true prince comes.”

Queen : “Thank you fairy Lisa, you help us so much.”

Scene II

Narrator : Seventeen year later, Princess Aurora and all of kingdom occupants felt asleep.

Scene III

Narrator : Centenary after that, prince that waited for, appears. Because of only this prince that could wake the Princess up, so fairy Lisa then visited the prince. Fairy Lisa gave a rose to wake Princess of Aurora up.

Fairy Lisa : “Prince, at country east kingdom, there is a pretty Princess that felt asleep because a curse of a puck. That Princess only can get up if there is any true prince that gives this rose. And prince that has been chosen is you, Prince Andre.”

Prince : “Ok fairy, I shall come to that kingdom. I will struck that Princess from that a curse.”

Fairy Lisa : “But you must be careful. Puck certain will try to frustrate your effort.”

Scene IV

Narrator : Next morning, prince leaves his kingdom to wake up Princess of Aurora. At arrival at east kingdom, puck has been waited for him.

Puck : “Hey you are stupid prince! Don’t hope that you can rescue Princess Aurora! Because before you are success, I will kill you!”

Prince : “I am not afraid with stupid fairy like you! I promise for you, to rescue her.”

Puck : “Proud kid! You say like that to me?”

Prince : “Yes, because I dare to kill you.”

Scene V

Narrator : That prince is then takes the weapon. A bottleful of rose water that given by fairy Lisa even also a moment reside in the grip.

Prince : “Go you are stupid fairy!”

Puck : “Aaahhh… No!”

Narrator : Finally, that puck dies. His primary task now will be easily to be done, to cancel the curse.

Scene VI

Narrator : Soon prince comes into palace and aim where Aurora presents.

Prince : “My Princess Aurora, here’s moment that I’ll rescue you. Accept this rose.”

Scene VII

Narrator : After a while, miracle of that rose is successful and wakes the entire members of kingdom up.

Princess : “Oh prince, thank you. That you free me from that a curse with your courage.”

King : “Prince, thank you has rescued this kingdom from long destruction.”

Prince : “Ah, don’t worship me like that. Honest, I want to say that I very love you Princess. Do you want to marry with me?”

Queen : “My Princess, marries him. Later you’ll be happy.”

Princess : “Thanks father, mother. Prince, actually you are the one that I wait, I love you too. So, I accept your request.”

Narrator : Finally Princess Aurora and Prince Andre are happy alive forever.


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